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Book 4: Battle for Capernaum
by Steve R. Romano

Book 4: Battle for Capernaum

The once peaceful village of Capernaum is now ruled by a perverse dictator known as the presider. He has heard the outrageous news about Laktos, an opposing force who is not intimidated by his power. The brave man has been victorious several times in encounters against the presider's minions who continue to terrorize the people of the village at every turn. Furious, the presider is bent on finding Laktos and putting him to death for his crimes. But there's one fact the presider is unaware of: Laktos and his newly formed band of freedom fighters are headed for Capernaum for one final battle that they pray will end the presider's reign of terror.

ISBN-13: 978-0578869179

ISBN-13: 978-0578869186

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